It’s usually about this time when the newness of the school year begins to wear off. Although I’m still willing to put up a fight, the good vibes from In-Service have worn off while my task list seems to grow by the minute. One of the first areas where I begin to notice this trend is in my time with God. Rather than waking early and spending uninterrupted time in communion with Him, I start to rush it or simple do it just to check another task off the list.  That’s why a recent post on The Strength of Silence were especially timely and poignant:

Times of silence are so important because it’s in these moments that I remember who God is and what He has done for me. When I stop fighting to understand everything, to do everything, and to be everything, then I can quietly, restfully, and silently rely on God’s strength. Being silent and still is often even harder than being busy doing things, but I have found that God reveals Himself to the soul that simply waits for Him in silence.

The search for margin can be so elusive.  Unfortunately, we live at a time where it isn’t exactly valued and so we tend to fill our days with menial tasks that makes us feel more important than we are. But what these tasks provide in efficiency they lack in substance, leaving us wondering why we feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied amidst even the most impressive accomplishments. I urge you this week as part of your own self-maintenance to make some uninterrupted time with God.  Find a quiet place, turn off your phone, and commune with Him as you pray and read His word.  It may take some time, but this kind of stillness before the Lord has a truly replenishing quality to it that I can all but guarantee you won’t regret as you continue to pour out yourself to your students in the classroom.